NEC low voltage cables shall be rated 600 V, shall have a minimum temperature rating of 90°C dry/75°C wet, and shall conform to UL standards according to the particular type (e.g., UL 1277) IEC 60502-1 type cables shall be rated 600/1000 V, shall have a minimum rating of 85°C, and shall meet the flame test of IEC 60332-3. Reference : SAES-P-104: Clause 5.3.1

LV Jacketed cables shall comply with NEC or IEC 60502-1 - SAUDI ARAMCO/SAUDI ARABIA 

Armoring requirement under UL listed Type TC instrumentaiton cables were cleared to many customers against misleading informaiton. Similarly, IDEALINK has been leading the way in exlaining the customers with clear interpretation on the Outer jacket, Shielding, Armoring. An initiative well appreciated by Consulting Engineering Companies and Project Management Team.

34-SAMSS-913- Instrumentation Cables - SAUDI ARAMCO/ SAUDI ARABIA