Material Mgt (IMMP)

Under a strategic association with one of the world leaders in the field of Construction Material Management, IDEALINK has introduced IMMP (IDEALINK Materials Management Program)  focusing on total project savings.

Our direct focus is on improving Efficiency, Productivity, Cost saving, and real time data management which gives an upper hand on the material management even at the project site.


IMMP focus

Purchase Order Administration
MR Management
Documentation Control
On Time Delivery
Efficient workflow
Real Time Data management

50% of IDEALINK’s volume business comes from the Wire & Cable. Thus, we focus more on cables to in avoiding any complications for the engineering team and then the same being a liability for the Client. With our state of the art in house 'IDEAPLUS' tracking system, IDEALINK ensures minimum inventory and waste on projects. 


IMMP Benefits

Reduced surplus material and reduction of scraping at the end of project.

Reduces damages to the materials at site.

Reduced Storage, handling costs at site.
Reduced cost due to return policy of empty reels.

Reduced Minimum Order Qty.

Reduced wastage due to cutting by providing large sized master reels.

Increased material availability at the time.

Tracking of inventory management.

Creation of E-catalogue for the project with lead time.

Usage of AVLs

Minimum Stock management

Align Materials management with construction schedule.

Project Team at site.

Web based tracking system to monitor supply chain process.

Our ultimate aim is providing maximum ROI for our customers by completing project procurements under budget with minimum material surplus.