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IDEALINK has been associated with Ametek Solidstate Controls by providing continuity of electrical power to businesses by designing industrial UPS systems, inverters, power conditioners, battery chargers, remote bypass switches and more. The applications engineers have decades of design experience and customize each power solution to meet our clients’ most stringent requirements.

The products are designed for industrial applications and are built to provide reliability and efficiency in some of the most rugged environments.

We have installations in major Power Generation and Petrochemical plants in Bahrain. Ametek Solidstate Controls has a dedicated service division that works hand in hand with Plant maintenance team to ensure continuity of Electrical power as per the requirements and standards of the industry.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Power Inverters
Power Conditioners
Monitoring and Management
Nuclear Product Line


Industry Usage
Oil and Gas
Power Generation
Nuclear Plants
Process Industries
Pipeline and Transmission