Multi Cable Transit Solutions
Sealing Solutions / Multi Cable Transit system

IDEALINK is one of Middle East’s experienced solution provider of sealing system for cables by protecting life and assets from penetrating water, gas, fire, dirt rodents and electromagnetic disturbances, as well as working as a solution for bonding and grounding. Over the past many years, IDEALINK has supplied and installed hundreds of Multi Cable Transit (MCT) solutions in the Oil & gas, petrochemical and Utilities in the Middle East. IDEALINK has worked closely with the leading end users in adopting Multi Cable Transit (MCT) solutions from FOAM sealing or other means of premature cable sealing solutions.

IDEALINK takes lead by conducting frequent technical seminars/ sessions for Engineering Consultant groups by sharing knowledge to more than 2000 Engineers across the board. This is followed by practical solutions through on-site discussion and technical solutions based on the ground realities.

In the region, the requirements are complex. Solved heavy water logging issue for a SABIC plant by providing an optimized solution with MCT without compromising on the further scalability and without affecting the operation of the plant.

IDEALINK has worked extensively with DCS manufacturers by solving their sealing requirement for cables and pipes that pass through the cabinets and junction boxes.

We can seal cable and pipe diameters from 4 – 100 mm. Other dimensions can be supplied to order. The perfect range of frames, modules and other components of entries provides a perfect solution which is capable to withstand Class 1 Div 2 rating.

We have provided complex solutions including retrofit solutions provided for Saudi Aramco Jizan refinery and SADARA petrochemical plant.

Tatweer Petroleum in Bahrain approached IDEALINK for their requirement on a perfect bonding & Grounding solution for metal clad cables in a control station.

Broadly in the Middle East IDEALINK Caters to the below mentioned industries and the solutions are tailor-made to the requirements of the Application.


Special solutions provided:




Oil & Gas


MCT solutions and Retrofit solutions



MCT solutions and Retrofit solutions


Tatweer Petroleum

One of the first Bonding & Grounding Solutions in the Middle East



provided cable sealing solutions for their cabinets and supported space management 



Solved water logging issues by replacing existing solution on a live plant.


Aramco & BAPCO

MCT solution