Metal Clad Armored Cables
Wire & Cables / Speciality Cable

Type MC-HL cable is an enclosed channel of metal designed expressly for holding wires, cables, or busbars, with additional functions as permitted in this Code by enclosed in an armor of interlocking metal tape or a smooth or corrugated metallic sheath. The Metal Clad Cable includes a grounding wire and can be used in outdoor applications. It can go into concealed and unconcealed spaces, and even buried underground.

The National Electric Code (NEC), it is also approves it for difficult locations that involve exposure to moisture and hazardous elements. Type MC-HL and ITC-HL cables are listed for use in Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations.  A Class I, Division 1 location is defined as an area where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors are present in normal operating conditions.

The biggest difference between SWA and Metal Clad Cable is that MC has full size ground wire while SWA uses a combination of the jacket and a thin bonding strip or wire to function as the equipment ground.

Type MC-HL cables are preferred for Offshore application and the approved armoring for cable 600V as per UL.

CLX is

  • Conduit Wiring System
  • Corrugated Lightweight Exterior
  • Mechanically Strong
  • Pliable
  • Aluminum – Copper – Bronze – Steel

Basically, CLX is a cable that has been pre-installed in a flexible, water-tight, gastight aluminum conduit

IDEALINK has Metal Clad/ CCWA  rated Cables under Type PLTC/ITC Type TC Cable, Foundation Fieldbus Cables, LV Cable, MV Cables as per industrial standards with proven supply history.