EPR Insulated Cables
Wire & Cables / Speciality Cable

Ethylene Propylene Rubber is a generic term for a wide range of polymers based on copolymers of ethylene and propylene. ... EPR is widely used as an insulation material for electric cables due to its high dielectric strength but it is also used as a sheathing material exhibiting excellent ozone and weathering resistance


  • Unsurpassed resistance to ozone and weathering
  • High temperature 105°c /140°c / 250°c
  • Easier to cure
  • Excellent physical aging
  • Excellent electrical aging
  • Not plagued by “treeing
  • Higher Ampacity
      • Underground installations ~ 7%
      • In Air installations ~ 12% Higher
      • In higher ambient temperatures
      • In hot spots (congested areas steam pipes)
  • Assurance of more reliable and efficient operation at higher temperatures.


  • 600 volt LV Power
  • 4 kV - 46 kV Medium Voltage
  • 69 - 138kV Transmission
  • Nuclear Qualified
  • Medical X-Ray (up to 250 kV dc)
  • Submarine Cables