Keeping true to the company’s tagline, IDEALINK accomplished 93% of it’s on-time-delivery commitment in 2019. Current year target is set to be 97%.

Specialized materials Supply Agreement with International OEM Manufacturer

IDEALINK has secured a series of orders from an International OES manufacturer to supply Electrical & Instrumentation Cables, Cable Glands, Accessories. Products are to be supplied according to the standards of SABIC & YASREF standards.

MV Cable Delivery to Cement Factory in Saudi Arabia

IDEALINK has delivered huge qty of Medium Voltage Cable to a reputed Cement Factory in KSA through its channel partner.

Technology Products to KSA client

IDEALINK has delivered part quantity as of Tech products as per client’s schedule.

SADARA MV & LV Cable Order

Another job for SADARA Project to supply Medium Voltage & Low Voltage Power Cable with special construction. Project will be executed through in-Kingdom Manufacturing arrangements

On Time Delivery of METAL CLAD Cables in Dubai

Constantly following on-time-delivery and meeting the commitment with clients, IDEALINK has delivered multiple Metal Clad Instrumentation cable orders to Dubas Gas Co.

Cables for SABIC projects

IDEALINK through its KSA channel partner secured an order to supply Instrumentation Cables to SABIC as per SABIC standard.

SADARA Instrumentation Cable Order

IDEALINK has secured a very important job from SADARA contractor to supply various sizes of TYPE ER Instrumentation Cable from DEKORON Wire & Cables. Our partner of a decade.

Passive Technology Products Order

Being a solution partner, IDEALINK is always a front runner for technologically advanced products.

Petrorabigh Order to supply short length Cables

IDEALINK ensures that our clients get support even for a 5 meter length by securing an order with multiple line items having small lengths. Shortest length was 5 meter and delivered it happily.