Telecommunication is one of the fastest changing segment in today’s world. IDEALINK provides you a complete solution for your telecommunication requirements with Fiber Optic Cables. FO cables are cylindrical dielectric waveguides and consist of a core, clad, and acryl coating layers. The total reflection of light occurs due to the difference of the refraction index between the core layer and clad layer. Light is transmitted through the core layer. There are single-modes and multi-modes depending on the number of radio wave modes at the core. The single-mode has the advantages of providing long distance transmission and high capacity communications as compared to the multi-mode since less loss in optical fiber data occurs in the single-mode.

IDEALINK and its Partners offers customers with Tailor made solutions as per the specification requirements of end-users.

IDEALINK also support the Telecom Industry with the following offerings as well:

  • LAN Cables
  • RF
  • FTTH – Fiber To The Home
  • Regular Telecom Cables